Schedule 2017

The 2017 Reykjavik International Games will take place from January 26th to February 5th. Here you can find the dates for each competition. More time specific schedule will be available closer to the games.

Sports competitions Dates in 2017
Alpine skiing January 28th-29th
Archery January 28th-29th
Athletics February 4th
Badminton junior  February 4th-5th
Badminton world ranking  January 26th-29th
Bowling February 2nd-5th
Cycling - Uphill duel January 27th
Cyclocross Eliminator February 2nd
Dance January 29th
Fencing February 4th-5th
Figure skating February 3rd-5th
Gymnastics February 4th-5th
Icelandic wrestling January 28th
Judo January 28th
Karate January 29th
Olympic Weightlifting January 29th
Powerlifting January 29th
Shooting January 28th
Ski and border cross January 29th
Swimming January 27th-29th
Swimming for disabled January 28th
Squash February 3th-4th
Table tennis January 28th
Taekwondo January 29th
Amusement, ceremonies, etc    Dates in 2017  
RIG opening January 26th
Conference January 26th
RIG ceremony January 29th and February 5th