Schedule 2014

The 2014 Reykjavik International Games will take place from January 17th-26th. Here you can find the schedule for the games, one for each weekend. Click on the schedule for each weekend to get a pdf version.




Here is a list of all events in alphabetical order

Sports competitions Dates in January 2014
Alpine skiing   17th-19th
Archery 25th-26th
Athletics 19th
Badminton junior  18th-19th
Badminton world ranking  23rd-26th
Bowling 23rd-26th
Cycling 24th
Dance 18th-19th
Fencing 25th-26th
Figure skating 24th-26th
Gymnastics 26th
Judo 25th
Karate 25th
Olympic Weightlifting 25th
Powerlifting 18th
Swimming 17th-19th
Swimming for disabled 17th-19th
Squash 25th-26th
Table tennis 25th
Taekwondo 18th-19th
Triathlon 25th-26th
Amusement, ceremonies, etc    Dates in January 2014  
Opening ceremony 17th
RIG ceremony 19th
Lectures 20th and 22nd
Pool party 25th
RIG ceremony 26th